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If you’ve ever worked in a warehouse, you should know by now that it can be loud, noisy, and often times a very hazardous environment! For many employees, they also have to complete orders through a communications setup or T2 bluetooth device that allows them to pick up orders, and then complete them. What this does is complicate an already dangerous situation, by adding in the element of noise interference that isn’t environment related.

best ear protection for shootingWhat’s more, the long term effects of this is that people will damage their eardrums. Even some of the best ear protection isn’t going to prevent you from going deaf over the course of a lifetime, and the gradual effect can wreck havoc on you as you get older. Who likes wearing hearing aides?

Luckily, there is something called passive hearing headsets which allow you to not only listen to your environment, but block out most obtrusive noises and pick up your orders. This revolutionary hearing device however isn’t implemented nearly enough throughout warehouses across the world, where workers are left to shoulder the load without much fanfare. Complicating this are long, excruciating hours of manual labor which tends to take the focus off of safety and onto productivity, which again is another problem altogether.

If it were up to me, laws would be in place to stop this from happening and to begin implementing new federal regulations. Just like how there are federal regulations that in place for shooting weapons, such as gloves, shooting glasses, ear protection that is rated through NAA, and there are precautions in place for fans that go to loud racecar events, the noise necessitates there be some form of protection.